S.No. Date Stone by Stone
141. 1999 Construction of Holy Angels' Parish church and school extension block at Sahibabad began.
142. Oct. 1999 The status of Provincial Vice-Province of Krist Jyoti changed into that of a General Vice-Province with the same Vice-Provincial Minister and Councillors.
143. April 1999 Krist Jyoti Custody raised into Provincial Vice Province of St. Joseph;s Province Kerala with Br. Dominic as Vice - Provincial and Brs. Thomas, Raymond, Martin and Hadrian Joseph as Councillors.
144. Aug. 1998 Br. Peter Celestine appointed successor to Bp. Hippolytus as Bishop of Jammu Srinagar Diocese; he was ordained Bishop by his Grace Alan De Lastic of Delhi at the Cantonment Grounds in Jammu on 6th September 1998.
145. May 1998 Mission Chapter at St. Francis Monastery, Barlowganj. Br. Dominic re-elected Superior Regular and Brothers MArtin, Thomas Pullat, Raymond Kavumpuram and Hadrian Joseph as Councillors.
146. 1997 Construction of the hostel buildings at Tambesra, Rajasthan by Br. P.A. Joseph and at Kalanaur, Punjab by Br. Jeremias.
147. Jan.01, 1997 Holy Redeemer's Parish at Suryanagar inaugrated by Bp. Patrick Nair and Br. Jacob Kaniyaraseril appointed as the parish priest.
148. July 03, 1997 St. Francis Ashram, Kartarpur made the study house of the theologians. Construction of the study house at Kartarpur begins.
149. Oct. 04, 1996 Inaugration and blessing of Krist Raja Hostel at Dasna Masuri by Bishop Patrick Nair of the Diocese of Meerut.
150. Aug. 1996 Krist Jyoti, Yamuna Vihar established as study house of theologians who attended classes at Vidyajyoti in Delhi.
151. Nov. 1995 Infant Jesus Parish & School at Hiranagar was handed over bby the Dicoese of Jammu & Srinagar to the Capuchins in exchange of their friary and premises at Kunjuwani.
152. 1995 Apostolic boardings started at Kalanaur in Jalandhar, Tambesra in Udaipur and Dasna Masuri in Meerut Diocese.
153. July 1995 The Seventh Mission Chapter at Jyotiniketan, Masuri; election of Br. Dominic as Superior Regular and Brs. Raymond Kavumpuram, Issac Puthut, Joseph Poyyakkara and Chacko Kallamackal as Councillors.
154. Aug. 1994 Sramik Vidyapeeth Ghaiabad established whith Media house Suryanagar as its registered office. (Now St. Antony's Bhawan)
155. June 1994 Begining of Mission in the North East. Brs. Gerson and Bastin were sent to establish the station at Mariampur in the diocese of Guwahati. The Mission was taken over by St. Joseph's Province in 1995.
156. Jan. 25, 1994 Inaugration of Media House with Br. Xavier Vadakkekara as its founder Director.
157. 1993 House at Suryanagar is estalished and Br. Valerian moved into it and begins pastoral ministry around the area.
158. April 1993 Mission headquarters shifted from Sahibabad to Yamuna Vihar.
159. Jan. 31,1993 Br. Gilbert Thayamkary dies of heart attack at kartarpur; he is laid to rest in the friary cemetery at kartarpur.
160. Oct. 1992 Blessing of the Capuchin Ashram at Kunjuwani in Jammu by Bishop Hippolytus Kunnunkal of Jammu - Srinagar Diocese.