S.No. Date Stone by Stone
181. Nov. 1983 Third Mission Chapter at Shantiniketan, Sahibabad. Br. Wilfred Mubarak elected Superior regular and brothers Abraham Mooken, Tobias Oozhackal, Ignatius Moloparampil and Jeremias as Councillors.
182. 1982 Shifting of Mission Head Quarters from Bilaspur to Sahibabad.
183. 1981 Establishment of Vocational Training Centre at Rampur by Br. Blaise.
184. 1980 Blessing of St. Francis School, Batala
185. Nov. 1980 Second Mission Chapter at St. Theresa's Ashram Dhariwal. Election of Br. Peter Celestine as Superior Regular and Brs. Guido Tharappel, Hugh Tharakan, Hadrian Joseph and P. A Joseph as Councillors.
186. Nov. 1979 Purchase of land at Batala for the Friary.
187. Mar 08, 1979 Br. Bernardine Valiaparampil passes away in Dalhousie; he was laid to rest at the friary cemetery in Dhariwal.
188. Mar. 1979 Msgr. Hippolytus Kunnukal is installed Perfect Apostolic of Jammu and Kashmir at the Presentation School grounds, Jammu.
189. Dec. 1978 Prefecture Apostolic of Jammu - Kashmir is entrusted to the St. Joseph's Province. Br. Hippolytus Kunnunkal appointed as the perfect Apostolic of Jammu-Kashmir.
190. 1978 De Paul School in Ghaziabad was handed over by the Diocese of Meerut to the north Indian Provincial Custody of St. Joseph's Province.
191. Nov 1977 First Mission Chapter at Dhariwal; election of Blaise as Superior Regular and Brs. Ivan Thottamkara, Abraham Mooken, Tobias Oohackal and Gilbert Thayamkary as councillors.
192. 1976 St. Joseph's Centre, Rampur is entrusted to the Indian Capuchins by the diocese of Meerut and Br. P. A. Joseph was appointed as parish Priest.
193. Feb. 1976 Brs. Felician Joseph Zacharia opened the new station at Kalanaur in Punjab.
194. 1976 Parish of the Assumption at Piplera was entrusted to the Indian Capuchins by the Diocese of Meerut; Br. Augustine Nattunilam appointed as the parish priest.
195. July, 1975 Holy Angels' School Started by Fr. Hyacinth Kochery
196. May 16, 1975 Begining of a new station by Br. Hyacinth at Sahibabad, U.P. in the Diocese of Meerut.
197. 1974 North Indian Capuchin Missions established as a Provincial Custody of St. Joseph's Province Kerala.
198. Nov. 1973 Establishment of North Indian Capuchin Mission as Provincial Delegation of St. Joseph's Province Kerala; appointment of Br. Blaise Ponnumpurayidom as Provincial Delegate with Brs. Wilfred and Guido as councillors. Mission Headquarters established at Uday Bhawan, Bilaspur, U.P.
199. 1973 In Punjab two new stations started in Fategarh Churian by Brs. Abraham and Martin and in Gurdaspur by Br. Guido.
200. Sep, 24, 1973 Br. Hubert Kodappel Died of Hear Attack in Barailly; he was laid to rest at the friary cemetery in Uday Bhavan Bilaspur, U.P.