S.No. Date Stone by Stone
201. 1971 The station of Dalhousie was handed over by British Capuchins and Br. Bernadine Valiaparambil was appointed as the firs Parish Priest.
202. 1972 At the division of the Indian Province of the Immaculate Heart of MAry, in 1972 the north Indian Capuchin Mission was divided and the area comprising the diocese of Meerut, Jalandhar, Jammu & Kashmir was entrusted to St. Joseph's Province, Kerala.
203. Dec. 06.1971 Br. Symphorian Keeprath was appointed as the first Bishop of the Diocese of Jalandhar. He was consecrated on 18th March 1972.
204. 1970 Begining of the mission station in Batala. Fr. Hyacinth bought a plot of land for the church in Batala.
205. April 16, 1970 Fr. Finian Chakkumpidy died in a motor cycle accident in Ferozpur, he is laid to rest in the cemetery at Kartarpur.
206. 1969 The English Capuchins handed over their station at Dhariwal to the Indian Capuchins. First Capuchin House of the Indian Province in Punjab established at Dhariwal Punjab by Brothers Edward & Wilfred.
207. Feb.23, 1968 Uday Bhavan in Bilaspur handed over by Italian Capuchins of Tuscany Province to Indian Capuchins.
208. Fe. 14, 1965 Br. Jerome Srakath one of our pioneer missionaries passed away at Baharananganam; he is laid to rest in the friary cemetery at Bharananganam; he is laid to rest in the friary cemetery at Bharananganam.