S.No. Date Stone by Stone
21. 25 March 2019 Bros. Gaurav Joseph, Amandeep,Ruben Kujur, Kantu Katara, Nobil John, Jespin Chacko & Lenin Davis received the Ordination to Dioconate on 25 March 2019 at Holy Trinity Reginol Seminary from His Excellence Rev. Bp. Ignatius Mascrenaus.
22. 13 February 2019 Blessing of Uday Bhavan Friary at Bilaspur by Br. John Baptist, General Councilor.
23. 12 February 2019 Silver Jubilee Celebration of Br. Joji Plamparambil at Jyotiniketan, Dasna, Masuri.
24. 11 February 2019 - 25 February 2019 Fraternal Visitation of Br. John Bptist, General Councilor.
25. 09 November 2019 The blessing of the 3rd floor of Holy Angels' School was blessed by Br. Benoy Joseph.
26. 26 January 2019 Bros. Gaurav Joseph & Anandeep Singh made their Perpetual Profession at St. Francis Ashram, Kartarpur, Jalandhar, Punjab.
27. 03 December 2018 Br. Girish Noorananickal came back from Rome after his Doctrinal studies in Canon Law.
28. 22 January 2018 A plot of land was bought for raod in Ajmer.
29. 21 March 2018 A plot of 261 gagg was bought adjacent to St. Joseph's school, Bhrariwal, Amritsar.
30. 28 December 2017 Foundation stone was laid for the new Uadi Bhavan friary at Bilaspur.
31. 20 November 2018 The foundation stones were laid for St. Francis Schools at Kalanur and Singhwala Moga by Br. Dominic Thirunilath Vicar Provincial and Benoy Joseph Provincial respectively.
32. 08 November 2018 Br. Raymond Kavumpuram passed away and was laid to rest on 10th November 2018 at Jyotiniketan, masoori, Dasna, Ghaziabad, UP.
33. 05-08 November 2018 Extra Ordinary Chapter at Jyotiniketan, Dasna Masoori, Ghaziabad.
34. 03 September 2018 Br. Joji P J came back to the province from Sharja Mission after 9 years of praise worthy service.
35. 03 September 2018 Br. Roberto Genuine was elected as the New General Minister of Capuchins.
36. 04 August 2018 Br. K T James was operated at Noida Fortis. His Cancerous Urinary Bladder is removed.
37. 29 July 2018 Br. Benoy Joseph blessed the Multy Purpose Hall at St. Paul's Academy Shahbad, Rampur.
38. 21 July 2018 Perpetual Profession of Bros. Ruben Kujur, Kantu Kattara, Nobil John, Jespin Chacko & Lenin Davis at St. Francis Church, Kartarpur, Punjab.
39. 09 July 2018 The foundation stone was laid in Krist Raja Ashram at Dasna Masuri for the Our Lady of Assumption Parish Church by Bros. Tobias, Benoy Joseph
40. 23rd May 2018 1.1/4 acres of land was bought adjacent to St. Thomas Schoolat Mastkot. Br. Cyriac George is the Manager and Guardian.