S.No. Date Stone by Stone
81. May 15, 2014 First profession of Bros. Ashok William, Sijo Paulose, Sanjay Tirkey, Alphonse Nayak,Ramesh Majhi and Rajan Dungdung at Jyoti Niketan, Dasna Masuri.
82. 12 - 15 May, 2014 Second Ordinary Provincial Chapter at Jyoti Niketan, Dasna Masoori presided over by General Councilor Br. Michael Fernandes Brs. P.A. Joseph, Mathew Joseph, Benoy Joseph, Jojo Kurian and Baiju Chalakkal elected as Provincial, Vicar Provincial and Councilors respctively.
83. Apr. 26, 2014 Blessing & Inaugration of Jyoti Printer's Second unit at Sec - 8, Noida.
84. Mar. 15, 2014 Blessing of the new school block in Bharariwal, Amritsar by Bp. Franco Mulakal.
85. Jan. 16, 2014 Laying of Foundation stone of Masthkot Friary, Church and Hostel in Punjab.
86. April 30, 2013 St. Francis Assisi Parish in Dilshad Garden handed over to Faridabad Diocese.
87. Jan. 29, 2013 Laying of the foundation stone of the new school block in Bhariwal, Amritsar.
88. Dec. 08, 2012 Br. Paul Koodapuha passed away at Assisi Asharam, Bharananganam.
89. July 17, 2012 Gyan Jyoti Seminary was opened at Kalanaur, Punjab by Bps. Anil Couto and Symphorian, and Brs. Johny Lonis and John Prakash were appointed as rector and vice rector respectively.
90. July 8, 2012 Blessings and inauguration of St. Pio Ashram, Ajmer by Bp. Ignatius.
91. Mar. 17, 2012 Br. Ivan passes away and laid to rest on 19th in St. Francis Ashram, Kartarpur Punjab.
92. Aug. 15, 2011 Laying of Foundation stone of St. Pio Capuchin Ashram at Gagwana, Ajmer
93. July 19, 2011 Br. John Lonis along with Br. Provincial embarks on a journey to Jhabua at MP to start a new Mission.
94. June 6, 2011 Laying of the foundation stone of the Holy Angels' School, Shalimar Garden Sahibabad
95. May 5, 2011 Br. Lanfrank of Tuscany province who served in the Diocese of Agra and Meerut from 1951 and served as a guest member in Krist Jyoti from 2001 to 2008 passed away and laid to rest in Firenze, Tuscany.
96. May 2 - 6 , 2011 First Ordinary Chapter of the Krist Jyoti Province. Brs. Dominic, Thomas, JAcob, Skylark George and Binu A M Elected as Provincial, Provincial Vicar and definitors respectively. Chapter was presided over by General Definitor Br. Carlos Novoa da Augusti.
97. Sep. 27, 2010 Blessing and inauguration of New Mission House Building with name " Alphonsa Bhavan " in Shornur by Bp. Jacob of Palaghat.
98. Sep. 20, 2010 Br. Antony, a former missionary of North Indian Mission passes away and burried at Bethelhem Ashram Cemetery at Elinjapra.
99. Aug. 04, 2010 Inaugration of Ajmer Mission.
100. July 07, 2009 Br. Alexander Pases away and laid to rest in Uday Bhavan Cemetry at Bilaspur, U.P.