Uday Bhavan mission was started by Rev. Fr. Pius, an Italian Capuchin of Tuscany Province. Indian Capuchins arrived in Bilaspur at the invitation of the Italian Capuchins who gifted 35 acres of land to the Indian Province to begin a foundation in the North. An agreement was signed to this effect between the two provinces on 23 Feb. 1968.

The first batch of friars Br. Timothy and Br. Joseph Jayaprakash reached Bilaspur in November 1967 and Br. Valerian in 1968. Br. Tiumoth started a small school with a few children in the same year which was aptly named the Uday Vidyalay. A farm house was used as the residence and chapel.

Foundation for the St. Thomas Church was laid by Fr. Pius on 3rd October 1971 & the foundation for Uday Bhavan was laid by Br. Blaise, the Superior Regular on 3rd, October 1973. The church and friary were blessed by the Bishop of Meerut on 20th March, 1975. The foundation was laid on the same day for the new building of Uday Vidyalay.

With the financial assistance from Caritas India a health clinic specialized in the treatment ofsanke bite was started in Bilaspur which is today managed by the Sisters of Our Lady of Grace. A dairy extension project was also started for 36 farmers with the help of Christian Aid, London. Besides, there are 120 members in the St. Joseph Co-operative Farming Society, whose management was entrusted with the Capuchins. In 1978 a housing scheme and food wor work programme were initiated.

A new dimension was added to the medical service with the establishment of a convent of Franciscan sisters of Our Lady of Graces in Joseph Nagar in 1981, who not only took over the dispensary but also started visiting village homes for imparting health education.

On November 3, 1977 foundation stone for the chapel in Martin Nagar was laid by Br. Pius Tei, Italian Capuchin. Br. Jayaprakash, till then teaching in Uday Vidyalay, Joseph Nagar, started a filial school in Martin Nagar in July 1975. He was instrumental in the development of Martin Nagar. Franciscan Clarist Sisters of the Bl. Sacrament came to Martin Nagar and St. Martin's School was handed over to them in 1989. Brs. D.James, Jose Kurian, Thomas Pullatt, Tobias, Chacko, Ivan, Thomas Joseph Pullatt, Joji Plamparambil etc. has done exceptional work to develop the parish and the co-operative society.At present Fr. Justin Elambbassery is appointed guardian and parish priest of Uday Bhavan and Gnanumuthu as assistant.