In the month of May 1890 Br. Pelekmans - a Belgian Capuchin bought a spacious building named "Clydesdale" and a plot of four acres of land on Potreyn hill at Dalhouse which was owned by a certain Captain in the army who had bought it in auction on 28th July 1861. On 8th December 1890 he named it "Alverna" and began to stay there. In the beginning it was used as a study house.

In 1891, Br. Pelekmans laid the foundation stone for he Church. On 15 August 1894, it was completed and blessed by Bishop Emmanuel Van den Bosh OFM Cap. of Agra. In 1953 Belgian Capuchins handed over Dalhousie to British Capuchins who in their turn handed over Alverna Dalhousie to the Indian Capuchins in the year 1972.

Br. Boneventure of Ragusa, Capuchin was appointed the first Chaplain of Dalhousie. He bought a small plot of land on the Bolum Hills where he built a presbytery and chapel. It was here that Bishop Symporian Moural, the first Bishop of Lahore ordained the first priests for the mission of Lahore. Br. Bernardine reached Alverna Ashram, Dalhousie in April 1973 and worked as parish priest and chaplain to Sacred Heart Convent till 8th March 1979. In 1980 Br. Hyacinth opened a Nursery School which continues to function today.

Alverna Ashram Dalhousie completed its 100 years of existence on 8th December 1990. The Centenary of St. Francis Church was on 15 August 1994. A Centenary Memorial Sacred Heart Shrine in the Church compound near Subash Chowk was put by Br. D James and it was blessed by Bishop Symphorian on 16th November 1995. St. Patrick Church was built in 1909. Dalhousie Cantonment is being also looked, after by the friars, besides the Chamba Station. A Typing institute, Tailoring and Embroidery and Computer Training Centre was established by Br. D. James who also renovated the buildings in the 'Alverna' complex.

Fr. Ivan arrived in Dalhousie on 3rd May 2001. He got the following done: Fencing the compound on the convent road, Grotto at the Centenary Memorial, Road from the Subhash Chowk to the Bottom of the Church, Fencing the Gardens, Concreting the K.G. School play ground, and fencing it of, an aviary, a 25000 Ltr. Water tank, a 56.6 kg. bell, 14 Stations of the Way of the Cross, extensive repairs of the exterior and interior of the Church, and facility for dining at the K.G. school verandah.Presently Br. Johnson is appointed as guardian and parish priest.