When Krist Jyoti was declared a General Vice-Province in October 1999 the membbers of Krist Jyoti, majority of whom hailed from Kerala, expressed their earnest to have a mission house of its own at suitable place in Kerala. The General Definitory approved the proposal. In July 2001 the mission house, christened "Seva Sadan", was formally started at Pallikunnu in Kannur in the house and premises handed over to us by St. Joseph's Province of Kerala with Brothers Micheal, Joseph Moohiankal, Skylark George of Krist Jyoti and Antony Vechoor of St. Joseph's Province being the first members of the mission house fraternity at kanaur. Br. Raymond and Br. D. James who were in charge of the mission house from 2002-03 and 2004-2008 respectively organized for and on behalf of Krist Jyoti Province the vocation promotion activities in Kerala.

In the year 2005 the northern part of St. Josephs's Province was established as the Vice-Province of Pavanthma. The building and premises which housed the Krist Jyoti Mission fell within the territory of this jurisdication which wanted them back for itself for setting up one of its formation structure.Krist Jyoti was approached by the Vice Province of Pavanthma with the request that the Krist Jyoti mission hpuse e relocated elsewhere and that the building and premises in its possession be returned to the Vice-Province of Pavanathma at the earliest. The General Definitory was also of the view that we look for another location at the earliest and advised us to obtain necessary permission from the Province and the diocese where we wanted to establish the mission house. Our search for a suitable location led us to Shoranur in the territory of St. Thomas Province and the Diocese of Palakkad.

Having obtained due permission from the Province of St. Thomas Kerala and the diocese of Palakkad for establishing a mission house in their territory and the approval of the General Definitory and financial assistance of the office of Economic Solidarity of the Order, we bought a small house along with a plot of land measuring 42 cents at Ganesh Giri in Shoranur for the purpose of the mission house. The formal blessing and innaugration of the Krist Jyoti Capuchin Mission House with the name Alphonsa Bhavan took place on 28, September 2008. Brothers Agin Edakalathur and Moozhiankal are appointed the friar members of the mission house fraternity at shoranur. Br. Joseph Moozhuankal who passed away on 8th March 2009 was replaced by Br. Michael Mundanatt from 15 March 2009. At Present Br. Jose M. J. is serving as Guardian of the house.