San Thome Nagar, Kalanaur is situated along the Indo – Pak border in Gurudaspur district. Kalanaur region was a part of St. Theresa’s Parish Dhariwal. During this period a chapel and a catholics. House were put up at Mastkot, a village with hundreds of catholics. In 1969 Dhariwal parish was entrusted to the Capuchins of the Indian Province.

In 1972, St. Thomas School, Mastkot a Punjabi Medium School was started by Br. Felician in memory of the 19th centenary of the martyrdom St. Thomas, the Apostle of India Today this High school has over 1000 students and is one of the best schools in the region. Then along with Punjabi medium we opend English medium school. The hostel was closed down. In the year 2012 on 17 July there was inauguration and blesing of Gyan Jyoti Minor Seminary by Bp. Anil Thomas Joseph Cout of Jauandhar Diocese. The first rector was Br. Johny Lonis and asssistant rector was John Prakash We shifted Ist year minor seminary to kalanur.

In 1976 a plot of land was purchased at Kalanaur by Br. Felician and a Capuchin community was started with Brs. Felician and Joseph Zacharias. Br Hadrian joined the community at Kalanaur and helped in developing the land & premises.

In the same year Kalanaur was established as a separate Parish dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle. In 1980 the community of CMC Sisters of the Pushparam Province started staying at Mastkot to assist in the parish and school apostolate. An apostolic Boarding was started at Kalanaur in 1995-96.In the year 2012 on 17th July Gyan Jyoti minor seminary was opened and Br. Johny Lonis and John Prakash are appointed as rector and vice-rector respectively. Presently Br. Johny Lonis serves as guardian, Br. Cletus serves as parish priest in Kalanaur and Jose Stephen as manager and parish priest of Mastkot.